Trump rally scheduled for 19,000-seat arena called ‘dangerous move’ in the age of coronavirus

After months away from the campaign trail, President Donald Trump plans to rally his supporters this coming Saturday for the first time since most of the country was shattered by the coronavirus. .Trump will head to Tulsa, Oklahoma – a state that has seen relatively few COVID-19 cases
He has got a plan , he creates again chaos increase the number of covi-19 poz cases with the second wave and POSTPONE the elections , he knows he lost the game he will do the impossible to win , mark my words

Jair Bolsonaro
& guidelines

The man with the evil smile and the atitude of a dictator, he wants the country to vanish that much stupid he is because after them is no one left to show your authority miserable man. Those people who vote for him to be a president and as a thank you he just kill them simple stuff .

The Trio

Words can not describe those three men, Killers? Murderers? Arrogant?, Selfish, Thick, Stupid, Morons, Oh Dictators but not the clever version because they have been found out soon so we can through them out . Lock them in a room and through the key some food and water just enough to make them live longer so to suffer longer..

Boris Johnson

Prime Minister of the UK , his well known for his phrase"Let the virus spread through the Population" and so he did so far 70.000 dead and counting, no track and trace no testing , no masks and wants to buid an "Air Bridge" with clean countries , of course they all pointed their finger on him and the UK, which is not welcome in 35 countries so far

Donald Trump

President of USA he suppose to be one of the big Leaders in the world, although his actions shown otherwise, insecurity, racist, Luck of confidence anything but a Leader. Entertainer yes but if you count the lives lost under his Presidency I more classified him as a Murderer, a selfish arrogant man, The Orange man with the gold blond wing , just beautiful


Thank's To The Virus we Have Discovered
Corrupted Governmentsl
Dictatorship not Democracy
Tey Can't Govern the Country
Arrogant, Selfish, Insecure

They Have Others Running the Country
They Are Stealing Money from The Country through shell companies
Thousands Died because of their stupidity
Small Minded Racist Killers


Democracy, literally, rule by the people. The term is derived from the Greek dēmokratiā, which was coined from dēmos (“people”) and kratos (“rule”) in the middle of the 5th century , bce to denote the political systems then existing in some Greek city-states, notably Athens.


‘With a prime Minister who was not capable to hold a single job no matter what job that was , brain dead, puppet with loose strings so do we float in the ocean with no future and soon no past either,, This is the Boris Johnson UKhe is good on PR give him a bus and a Bunch of lies he can sell responsibilities he can not handle he is the worse Prime Minister the UK ever have had.We are sailing to hell a destination uknown no plans after Brexit no economy left borrowing is at the highest and the Primre Minister as a moron he is he thinks people still like him and he claps every Thursday for the NHS, The NHS should clap for us tax payers money and donartions they support by not we look after NHS what a stupid statenment.

Act and the Local Audit and Accountability Act, may be the creation of an enabling environment for corruption.It identifies sixteen recent legislative changes which increase the risks, as well as other trends such as the decline in scrutiny by local press and the move to more private sector out-sourcing This report includes twenty-two recommendations, including that the Government should conduct a corruption risk assessment and strengthen whistleblowing procedures.

The scarcity of data makes it impossible to build a real picture of how much corruption there is in UK local government. This is in line with other institutions like the NHS and prison service, where data capture and record keeping on corruption are weak Unless there is a concerted effort to collect and categorise corruption-related information, we will be no more able to assess the scale of local government corruption in the future. ,